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“365 Days of BI-YOGI By GIO”

March 1, 2019

Day #1

What a ride…The streets are dangerous, Drivers are ruthless! I always preach, Some exercise is better than no exercise. Something about nature.. amazing, mesmerizing.. The way the wind blows my hair. I love The smell of wet dirt. I get excited when a cars get so close that you almost fall off!.. aha very hard to explain.. (Don’t judge me).. Today is day one of 365 days of BI-YOGI by Gio, And I felt adventurous this morning. I decided to do something different. I rode my road bike to the local nail salon! The confidence you gain while doing what you love is amazing. Often, People say that “your vibe attracts your tribe” very true. My bicycle , and I put a huge smile on these women’s faces. The women smiled, giggled, and then they carried on with several interesting topics of conversation such as, thief’s, Drugs, The lottery, And the pricing on bicycles. The women inside the nail salon could not stop smiling an giggling. Day one of BI-YOGI by allowed me to put a smile on strangers faces oh and an awesome new nail polish color. Practicing BI-YOGI allowed me to walk out of the nail salon with a huge smile on my face. All while My bicycle sat calmly on an alley overlooking a ditch..a real ditch…Day One of 365 days of BI-YOGI was very interesting… followed by a short session of meditation and yoga. Today was a great day. Friends do what sets your heart on fire. and watch how your happiness reflects on others. Anyhow, I got my awesome pedicure and must continue with the day and choreograph my beautiful nieces 15 party. Have a great day! Always BEE YOU. love, Gio.

March 2, 2019

Day #2

Today is day two of BI-YOGI by Gio. I am going to make a long story short, My awesome Bright Yellow Limited edition Stomp jumper Specialized Mountain Bike was stolen a few months back. Today is the first day I get on a mountain bike since the incident. If your a “real” mountain biking lover you will understand… I was so attached to my bike, I still think about it! aha..I look at old pictures,videos, and remember all the good times my bike and I had.( a little corny right)..I remember the first time I took her for a ride (yes, she was a she)..the memories take me back in time..I used to feel so cool haha, like my bike and i were unstoppable. Riding downhill was and still is my favorite part of mountain biking. My bike was so amazing, my tires could handle any obstacle on the course.. (Iam exaggerating only a little bit). Now you get an idea of the connection that my bike and I had.Today I rode an “inexpensive” mountain bike. I said to myself ” FUDGE IT!” “Just do it Gio” and so i did! I went back to a very special trail, Special because this trail always puts a smile on my face when i get to the satellite that is at the very top of the canyon. The famous Hellman’s canyon in Whittier California. A few minutes in I started to feel what i always feel when i get on a bicycle. HAPPY! I heard Birds chirping, the wind blowing, the sky was cloudy but you could still see the sun shinning through the clouds, brown leaves blowing, the dirt was dented from the rain,there was mud in some areas, large dog paw prints on the dirt, white debris from the rain, green trees, a beautiful temple, forest lawn, and the beautiful sky. I mean how could i not forget about my “inexpensive” bike? On the way down hill i could hear very single noise my new bike made. The bike sounded like it was going to break on me! I trusted myself as i always do. I held on tight to the handle bars and that was the end of fear over my “inexpensive” bike. As a certified life coach which is the reason that Am open mined. I recommend you let loose and be open minded, You may surprise yourself as i did. I recommend you find that something that makes you HAPPY.. that makes you smile, find your chirping birds, and your beautiful sun that shines through clouds just like mine.. Do what sets your heart on fire.. Most importantly always BEE YOU! Love, Gio.

March 3,

Day #3

March 4, 2019

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